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Head office of the AAN established!

Roberto Gualdi/ August 27, 2021/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

The ALGANT Alumni Network has finally a head office!It is virtual, but it is no less comfortable or cozy than a welcoming home!  There you will find whiteboards to discuss maths, sofas to relax, games to play and even a kitchen if you feel hungry. Do not hesitate to come and visit, take a coffee or see if anybody is

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Second AAN Welcoming for Master students

Roberto Gualdi/ August 27, 2021/ Events/ 0 comments

The success of the first AAN Welcoming held in 2020 could not be left without a heir. Aware of some improvements that might have been introduced from the previous year, and with some more experience in our backpacks, we were joyful to organise the Second AAN Welcoming for Master students, which is now established as a tradition of the association.

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