AAN GENERAL ASSEMBLY – 26th January 2024

Board Renewal:

  • We are looking for alumni who are motivated to join the AAN board. The goal is to create a large, motivated, and diverse team in terms of age, nationality, and current occupation. 

Administrative Updates:

  • A brief discussion will be held on the forthcoming administrative steps that need to be taken. 

SYMPAAN 2025 Organization:

  • A part of the meeting will be dedicated to the organization of SYMPAAN 2025. We aim to establish the organizing committee in the coming months.

Organization of Other Activities:

  • We will delve into the planning and coordination of various activities, including revisiting past events such as the AAN Seminar and Welcome Day. Additionally, we will discuss the possibility of introducing new initiatives for our Algant alumni, such as a mentorship program. We are looking forward to new input and ideas!

Communication Strategies:

  • We will dedicate time to discuss ways to enhance our outreach. This includes a review of the AAN website and the exploration of possibilities for creating new communication channels. 

Got something on your mind? Whether it’s a new event, tweaking old ones, or just some wild brainstorming, we’re all ears. This is your chance to pitch in and make our community even better.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there! 🙂

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