Daniele Turchetti

Jared Asuncion/ September 14, 2018/

I chose to apply to the ALGANT master because I felt that it was an unique occasion to approach research in Mathematics. It turned out to be a good choice for two reasons. First of all, the choice of courses in algebraic geometry in Padova was somewhat limited, and doing my second year of Master abroad allowed me to deepen my knowledge of fundamental results, which I use now very often in my research. Moreover, spending my second year abroad widened my perspectives on different ways of doing research. In fact, even though the mathematical community is very connected, research in mathematics is pursued in a different way from country to country, and there are differences even among single universities. During my second year of Master, I experienced for the first time how diversity can be fundamental in defining one’s own approach to mathematics. It is of course possible to have a similar experience through a “regular” Erasmus project, but I personally think that being an ALGANT has been a plus: we had tutors we could talk to and we had to attend a common core program that helped us to stay on track.
I have surely acquired different skills during the completion of my program: I learned new languages, basics of programming, and other transferable skills (whatever it means). But, most importantly for me, ALGANT totally changed my viewpoint on mathematics and on my possibilities as a mathematician. My advice to anybody considering to apply for the program, is to do it without hesitation. My two cents for someone that already is in the program and is considering different career paths is to talk as much as possible to people that have been in the same situation, in order to hear their stories and have a closer perspective on the consequences of the choices you’re about to make. I am sure that most ALGANT alumni would be happy to help.