Djordjo Milovic

Jared Asuncion/ September 14, 2018/

Coming from the United States, I initially chose to attend the ALGANT Master primarily because it was an opportunity to study abroad in two great European cities, Milan and Paris. During the program, I developed great appreciation for the mathematical opportunities, and, by the end of my studies in Paris, I genuinely felt at home mathematically. Therefore, when I was given the opportunity to extend my ALGANT experience by working towards a doctorate (in Leiden and Paris), the choice was easy. I had the benefit of working with two advisors specializing in different areas of number theory, which certainly helped expand my mathematical arsenal. My advice to undergraduates considering ALGANT is to be prepared for a very rigorous and challenging math program, and to not underestimate the personal benefits of being exposed to new cultures and ways of life. In short, you might have to invest a lot of energy both in your career and in your personal life, but the rewards make the investment worthwhile.