The 2nd Welcoming for Master Students is finally announced!

We are planning to hold the very much awaited 2AAANWftAMS on the 27th of August 2021 starting at 14h00 in CEST-time!

What? You do not know what it is? We were hoping the acronym was giving some hints, but hey, maybe you just need us to spell it out. Of course it is the 2nd Annual AAN Welcoming for the ALGANT Master Students. And of course it will be held online, as its long-lasting tradition demand.

This relaxed afternoon is bringing together alumni and current master students: it will be an occasion to get in touch, make new acquaintances, find old friends, ask and answer questions about the organisation of the master and about everyday-life tips.

If you are willing to come, just drop an email to roberto [dot] gualdi [at] mathematik [point] uni [dash] regensburg [dot] de.

We hope to see you there!

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